Restaurant Report Card: Two Taco Villa's make low performer list

Restaurant Report Card: Two Taco Villa's make low performer list

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - This week, we are featuring several restaurants across Midland that ended up on our low performer list. Over in Odessa, nothing but top performers.

Two Taco Villa's in Midland scored at, or below an 85.

Beginning with the Taco Villa at 201 Andrews Highway. Health inspectors paid them a visit on October 24, and found:

-    No dates on a shredded cheese container
-    An uncovered container of jalapenos
-    An ice scoop not properly stored in ice machine
-    There was a scoop left inside the wrong bin
-    An uncovered container of food in reach-in cooler
-    The salsa bar was not kept at required temperature
-    And there was a broken thermometer in freezer

That resulted in an 85 for Taco Villa.

Next up, we have the Taco Villa at 4411 Andrews Highway. They were docked off for the following:

-    Open employee drinks
-    There was an open bag of fries in the walk-in freezer
-    A scoop left inside jalapeno containers
-    The salsa bar was not kept at required temperature
-    No towels in hand sink
-    An open container in walk-in cooler
-    And no thermometer in walk-in freezer

Taco Villa ended up with a 73. We reached out to the media department for the restaurants who said once inspectors pointed out the discrepancies, the district managers for both locations moved to correct those immediately to ensure the safety of the public. He said the team took swift action to make sure everything was taken care of.

Moving along to Whataburger at 800 Andrews Highway. Health inspectors found:

-    Vegetables were not iced down properly
-    No dates or labels on salad container
-    Open employee drinks
-    An uncovered container of jalapenos
-    An open container of fish in reach-in freezer
-    Fly problems
-    Clean and sanitize behind kitchen equipment
-    No thermometer in walk-in cooler

Whataburger ended up getting a 73 on their inspection report. We reached out to the restaurant for comment and the manager said, everything has been corrected. In fact, she said inspectors came out four or five days later, and they scored in the 90's on their compliance inspection.

Lori's Café in Midland is also on our low performer list. Health inspectors docked off after finding:

-    No towels at hand sink
-    A freezer would not reach required temperature
-    The health inspector noted beef not in sound condition
-    Scoop not properly stored
-    Evidence of insects

Inspectors gave Lori's an 83. We reached out to the manager who says their refrigerator had gone out earlier that day and crews were out replacing the roof to the building. We were told everything is in working condition but health inspectors have not visited since.

We only feature top performers out of Odessa. Those include:

-          Smokin J's (2636 Kermit Hwy)
-          Chapo's Tacos (2970 S West County Rd)
-          Subway (820 N County Rd)
-          Tres Amigos Cantina (2072 N 1936 FM)

Congratulations to those restaurants that earned a perfect score.

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