"Winner" of Midland I.S.D. board seat could change

"Winner" of Midland I.S.D. board seat could change

A close call for a Midland I.S.D. board race. One candidate came out with only four votes over the opponent, but the elections office says the winner could change as there are 80 provisional ballots still left to be gone through.

John Kennedy and Rachel Stone went head to head for the M.I.S.D. District 4 seat but the race ended up too close to call.

"It's kind of exciting. This election has been nothing like any election I've ever administered," said Elections Administrator Deborah Land.

Stone finished the night with 1,534 votes and Kennedy finished with 1,530.

Texas law says that a candidate can request a recount if the difference between the number of votes is less than 10 percent of the number of votes received by the winning candidate.

"We simply will re-tally all of the votes, precinct by precinct in the eight precincts that make up this district," said Land.

The new tallies will be reviewed by all the parties involved, both candidates, their representatives and the school district.

Land says there are still about 80 provisional ballots and there could be more from Election Day. There are also some ballots coming in from oversees that are due on Monday.

She says recounts cost thousands of dollars so more than likely the candidates will wait until the final ballots are counted.

"There is a lot of factors here that's going to make or break this recount. It could go either way." said Land. "I'm glad I'm not sitting in one of those candidates chairs today wondering which way it's going to go and if I'm a winner or not."

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Land has spoken with both candidates to discuss what could happen after the final votes are counted.

If the candidates request a recount, they will do so through M.I.S.D.'s attorney, who will then notify the elections office.

We are told that the possible recount will take place on Nov. 21 or 22.

We reached out to both candidates for comment and are still waiting to hear back.

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