Decision on road proposition on the horizon

Decision on road proposition on the horizon

ANDREWS COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Commissioners from Precinct 1 and 3 know Tuesday's vote is an important one.

Jeneane Anderegg, Commissioner for Precinct 3 said, "We have a commissioner wanting to combine all the precincts into a road and bridge department. He thinks it will save money, I've done extensive research on it and finds that it doesn't save money."

Barney Fowler, Commissioner for Precinct 1 said, "They are saying it's going to cost extra money to hire a road engineer, what they are not telling the public is we already hired a road engineer."

In Andrews County, there are four precinct barns that store equipment and four commissioners in charge of the roads and bridges in them. Anderegg said if the equipment is consolidated then it would be harder to get around if there is an emergency like a fire or flooding. Fowler said this is a tried and true method in the surrounding communities.

"We don't have as many roads as some of the counties have but we have a lot of area to cover," said Anderegg.

"We only have about 24 hands. We are pretty much in line with all the other counties that I've polled," said Fowler.

Other commissioners said Fowler shouldn't have been able to propose this idea since he's retiring at the end of the year but Fowler added he's been in the ear of the commissioners for the last four years so now it's come to this.

"I gave them a chance to do it voluntarily, and they didn't want to do it so I got the names on the petition," said Fowler.

"We have 1501 square miles and that could be a tinderbox after all this rain if we dry out," said Anderegg.

Both commissioner added they are prepared for what's next if the result doesn't go their way.

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