EZ Rider offering free rides to Midland, Odessa voters

EZ Rider offering free rides to Midland, Odessa voters

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - There are plenty of reasons to make it out to the polls Tuesday, but for some, just getting into the voting booth can be a problem. E-Z Rider is doing its best to make sure voters can get where they need to go to cast their ballot.

All but five of the 20 voting locations in Midland are accessible.

"It is accessible by EZ Rider," said Midland County Election Administrator Deborah Land. "That does not mean that EZ Rider will pick you up and take you straight to the poll. That means that it is on an EZ Rider route."

The five Midland Polling places that are not accessible by an EZ Rider are the Cotton Flat Baptist Church, Greenwood Baptist, High Sky Ranch, Holy Cross Lutheran Church and the Odessa Country Club.

E-Z Rider said Tuesday, riders won't have to worry about paying for their trip to the polls.

"The normal fair structure is posted on our website," said EZ Rider GM Robert Stephens. "But during election time period we try to encourage people to get out and do their civic duty. So we make it free to folks and make sure they've got access to the polls."

Stephens said for those who don't usually use the bus, there are ways to find out when and where the pick up and drop off spots are.

"We have the where's my bus applications that you can download on your phone as well," said Stephens. "But it gives you a good idea of where the buses are at, the direction they travel and then the anticipated arrival time at each stop. So it's a good way to tell where the buses are at."

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