New study reveals election stress is among many Americans

New study reveals election stress is among many Americans

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It doesn't matter where you fall in the political spectrum, many Americans have been feeling the anxiety from the 2016 presidential elections.

A new study by the American Physiological Association released proves that election stress is real, causing many to feel on edge.

The presidential race is coming down to the wire, but with just a day to go, one thing is already clear: this race has been very stressful on voters.

Many Americans have been counting the hours and even minutes until the end of this particularly harsh election campaign.

Some losing sleep and constantly checking social media for new articles released.

"These have been very antagonistic campaigns, filled with a lot of angry, negative rhetoric. We also think that social media is playing a role in people's amount of election related stress," Dr. Vaile Wright said.

Psychologists say that more than half of the U.S. population is under a certain degree of stress because of the election.

It turns out the stress is being felt from both sides, the online Harris poll by the ADA proves that both Democrats and Republicans feel the stress taking a toll.

"Sometimes we're stressed out and we don't even realize it until we have some physical symptomatology that kind of wakes us up," David Wheeler, Clinical Director said.

The ADA suggests taking a break from social media, taking some time away from around the clock election coverage and focusing your energy elsewhere.

The poll shows more than half of Americans are disgusted with the campaign and call the election a significant source of stress in their lives.

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