Gardendale couple rescues 42 senior and special needs dogs

Gardendale couple rescues 42 senior and special needs dogs

GARDENDALE, TX (KWES) - Connie and Rick Eicher are two people who simply love dogs.

"They all live together and learn to love each other and learn to take care of each other like they're meant to," said Connie.

What started as caring for five dogs, turned out to 30, and now, that Connie and Rick look after for 42 dogs. For 14 years, their home, or what they call, their Promised Land Dachshund Sanctuary, is the place for rescued dogs, seniors and dogs with special needs.

"Rick was the one that said we want them to be able to come here and be the best place in the world," said Connie. "His eyes lit up and he said, 'Like the promised land.' Once he said that out loud, we never considered anything else."

They're not only rescuing dachshunds locally, they even rescue dachshunds from out of state.

"Trooper came from Baton Rouge, we felt like he was in the flood," said Connie. "He eats like there's no tomorrow."

Earlier this year, Connie's husband Rick lost his job during the oil downturn, which put some strain on their finances. Providing proper care for their dogs can cost to about $2,000 monthly.

"When he got laid off, it was apparent to us we had to do something else," said Connie.

Connie began writing her book, The Promised Land Dachshund Sanctuary: A Story of Rescue and Redemption selling almost 1,500 copies. Not only do the books help pay for veterinary care, but Connie said it's to teach others the value of animals of all ages and capabilities.

"We love these animals and they deserve the love that we give them," she said. "We as a nation are responsible how full our shelters are, and we have to do something about that."

Although the successful book publish has helped provide support for their sanctuary in the meantime, donations to the sanctuary has helped keep their dogs alive and healthy. The Eichers hopes to grow her dachshund empire for the next years to come.

To purchase her book or donate to the sanctuary, you can find it on Amazon or click on their website here.

"We want the Promise Land to have a building on its own, we want to set up a fund for it to continue after Rick and I can't do it anymore. We want it to perpetuate itself and always be a place for dachshunds or any animal that needs us."

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