Odessa police warning about holiday thieves breaking into cars

Odessa police warning about holiday thieves breaking into cars

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - As you start your holiday shopping this year, Odessa police say thieves are watching, looking for the perfect opportunity to get inside your car and search for valuables or holiday presents.

"We have seen an increase in auto burglaries at various shopping centers throughout Odessa recently," said LeSueur.

Just last week, Music City Mall had five car burglaries in one night.

"The thieves acted very quickly. Whether it was a purse or electronic, they were looking for valuables," said LeSueur.

Odessa police say they are preparing for the trend to get worse as the holiday approaches.

Holiday shoppers should be more observant. Never leave your car unlocked and even if you do lock it, don't keep anything valuable inside.

"Please avoid leaving valuable items, electronics, weapons, spare keys, garage door openers and any personal documents," said LeSueur.

Just this past month, http://RaidsOnline.com showed there were more than 40 auto burglaries in Odessa.

Police say they will be patrolling around high traffic shopping areas to help catch those trying to put a damper on the holiday.

It's important if you see an suspicious activity to report it to police.

"Some people think they are wasting our time, so they don't call it in. What people don't realize is that a lot of these calls, whether it's a suspicious vehicle or a suspicious person result in excellent arrests," said LeSueur.

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