Odessa Police using apps to help find missing kids, urge parents to get it

Odessa Police using apps to help find missing kids, urge parents to get it

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Odessa Police Department is urging parents to get on their phones and download the Safety Central app. The app created by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is now being used by the department as they try to stay ahead, if and when the worst happens when a child that is reported missing.

Corporal Steve LeSueur of the Odessa Police Department said, "There's a lot of great tips on there and a lot of it starts with internet safety."

On the app parents, are able to fill out their child's information from their address to eye color. Corporal LeSueur. not only works for the Odessa Police Department but is an Amber Alert coordinator and said the department gets a few missing child cases every year but the child is always found and sound. He added, it's been awhile since an Amber Alert was issued in Odessa.

"A lot of people think we can just issue an Amber Alert when someone goes missing and that's just not true. Sometimes it can take an hour or two to issue that alert," said LeSueur.

As police stress the importance of getting the app, parents are doing their best to stay on top of their kids movements as well.

Erisha Moore, a parent, said, "I stay on it. If I want to look at that cellphone at 9 o'clock or 10 o'clock she has to have her cell phone on her charger by 8 o'clock. If it's 8:01 that's a day gone she misses that phone. I check every app and she can't add an app unless it's mother approved."

Along with the Safety Central app, LeSueur said parents should also download the Safety Savvy and Texas DPS app as well.

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