Greenwood Ranger Marching Band making history

Greenwood Ranger Marching Band making history

GREENWOOD, TX (KWES) - It's history in the making, in Greenwood. The Ranger Band is doing something no one else has ever done. They're going to state.

You'll find trophies, plaques and banners are all over the Greenwood Ranger band hall.  Hopefully soon, there will be another.  The Ranger Band will be headed to the Alamo Dome, in San Antonio, next week.  The first band, in the history of Greenwood, to make it to the state competition.

"It's overwhelming. I think, I think I'm still dreaming. We're still trying to come down from our high, from last Saturday. It's really, awesome," said Head Band Director, Suzanne Rhynes.

The Ranger Band has been working on this program since August first, learning music, marching, sectional practices and everything else. Then, they had to put it all together.

According to Rhynes, "These kids are amazing. They will do whatever we ask them to and they raise their standards every time we perform. "

Hard work and effort pay off. The Rangers were in fifth place after the preliminaries and moved up to second, in the finals. Senior band members are especially excited.

"It feels amazing, actually. I know a lot the seniors, my sophomore year, we made it really, close that year. I'm so glad we finally, we finally, we finally made it," said Band Captain, Joaquin Sotelo.

"It's great. I'm proud of the band and all of their hard work and effort that they've put it. I'm glad that we're finally, being able to accomplish what we've wanted, for so long," commented Drum Major Josue Sanchez.

"It's something that this band has never seen before and it's just very, I'm very grateful for this, to be here, just experiencing all of it," added Drumline leader Tami Bott.

It's been almost a week, since the area competition. Some Rangers are still emotional about it all.

"(I'm) speechless, yeah. I can't find the right words. Every time someone talks to me about this, no words can come out. A smile just comes on my face and it's just amazing," said Drum Major Noah Flores.

Others are taking it all in stride.

"Being able to go, out there, and perform and do something that's awesome for the school and gets such notoriety for the band, it's just feels awesome," said Tubas leader, Logan Elsey.

Something else that's pretty, awesome, this band, who normally leads the pep rally on Friday, will march through the high school and elementary, while the student body lines the halls, cheering for them.

According to Rhynes, "Every time somebody goes to state, or advances to another level of competition, they are always very supportive and have send offs and all that stuff."

The band has a performance on Friday night and rehearsal on Saturday. Then, it's on the buses and off to San Antonio, Sunday for state competition Monday morning. Finals, if they make it, will be Monday night.

"Regardless, I am so proud of them and this accomplishment, being the first group, to ever do this, here in Greenwood, is just amazing," said Rhynes with a beaming smile.

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