Midland I.S.D. parents angry after camera was covered on bus

Midland I.S.D. parents angry after camera was covered on bus

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Parents of a Fasken Elementary student are upset after their child showed them a picture of the camera on his school bus.

"Those cameras aren't doing my kid any good right now and they aren't doing anyone else's child any good right now if they are covered up," said Pamela Walls.

A sheet of paper had been taped over the camera, preventing it from serving its purpose: student's safety.

"I'm not sure when it was done, but it was enough that he said, 'even if somebody did something to me, they couldn't see the video to see what happened,' " said Walls.

Walls added her sixth grader has been bullied and picked on since the beginning of the school year on the bus.

"He's been spit on, punched in the stomach," said Walls.

She said she's brought it to the attention of the school, but nothing has been done. She was even reassured that there are cameras on the bus for the safety of the kids, but it wasn't until her son took a 'selfie' with the bus camera that she wondered if her child is really safe.

We reached out to the district who confirm they are investigating the matter.

"Covering any camera on a bus or on MISD property is not acceptable and is not in accordance with our bus safety program and district policy," said district spokesperson, Woodrow Bailey. "We will continue to investigate this report and will address this issue with the driver as a serious personnel matter."

Walls just hopes that the issue will be addressed and her son can feel safe again.

"I hope that everyone will be able to send their kids to school and have them feel safe and be able to put them on the school transportation and have them taken care of," said Walls.
The district said they immediately started investigating this issue and they are taking necessary steps to ensure that this never happens in the future.

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