Restaurant Report Card: Insects, mice found in restaurants

Restaurant Report Card: Insects, mice found in restaurants

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - This week's edition of Restaurant Report brings out several places across the Tall City and Odessa that just didn't make the cut. However, most of the restaurants on this week's low performer list already had all citations fixed, for the most part.

We start with Bernard's Tortilla Factory off of North Tyler Street in Midland. Health inspectors paid them a visit and docked off for the following:

- No soap or towels at the sinks
- Food was not labeled
- Uncovered containers in the walk-in coolers
- Rat droppings on the floor
- Dirty walk-in coolers

That resulted in a 76 for Bernard's. However, three days later, on Oct. 20, health inspectors came back to find most issues had been corrected, but Bernard's was lacking one major necessity: hot water.

In addition to that, health inspectors found the tamales to be cooler than what is required and evidence of rodents. But due to the lack of hot water, Bernard's was shut down. We spoke with the owner who said traps have been set to remedy the mice problem. As for the hot water, he found a broken gas line, so his hot water heater was out of commission. After a week, Bernard's reopened, with hot water, and a clean kitchen.

McDonald's off of FM 1788 is on our low performer list. Health inspectors found:

- Food was not dated
- Cross-contamination of scoops
- Thermometer was not providing accurate information
- Inadequate handwashing facility
- Evidence of insects

McDonald's ended up with an 83 for their inspection report. McDonald's restaurant did not have a comment in regards to their score.

MD Pizza Factory of Midkiff Rd. is the last restaurant on our low performer list. Health inspectors went for a visit on Oct. 17 and found:

- Salad bar was not at required temperature
- Food was not labeled
- Uncovered container of sugar
- Scoops inside the sugar bin
- Shrimp was not kept at the required temperature
- No paper towels at the kitchen sink
- No thermometer in the reach-in cooler

Health inspectors have MD Pizza Factory a 74 that day, but came back four days later for a compliance inspection. While most issues were corrected, MD Pizza Factory still ended up with a 93.

Over in Odessa, Red X Truck Stop ended up on our low performer list but not for long. They were cited for the following:

- Chemicals were not separated from food items
- Utensils were not stored properly
- Unapproved thawing method
- A clip board was not available to show how long food had been cooked, or when it was thrown away
- Meat was thawed at room temperature
- Clogged drain
- Food handler card was not provided
- Food was not date-marked

That resulted in a 79 for the Red X Truck Stop. However, that score was quickly changed to a perfect score, once health inspectors came back through on October 25.

As for top performers, we have only one out of Midland and that is Papa Murphy's Pizza off of Briarwood Avenue.

In Odessa top performers include:

- Smokey's BBQ Pit (1306 E 7th St.)
- Subway (4812 E University Blvd)
- Fox Den Tavern (5710 N County Rd.)
- 7-Eleven (5112 N Dixie Blvd)
- 7-Eleven (1000 N Dixie Blvd)
- Mi Reina (10261 S Hwy 385)
- Subway (604 E 8th St.)
- Judy K's Country Kitchen (7010 N County Rd.)
- Red X Truck Stop (5934 Interstate 20 Frontage Rd.)

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