Mayor reacts to possible spacecraft coming to Midland

Mayor reacts to possible spacecraft coming to Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Dream Chaser spacecraft, could possibly land in Midland, but it's not all set in stone.

The excitement may have to build for the next four or five years for the Permian Basin.

The City of Midland has committed not only time and money, but even the airport property to make this future plan happen.

The mayor tells us the 4A sales tax is used to diversify Midland for projects such as this.

"I would say this time, this industry, that we have brought this is a huge home run for not only the city of Midland, but the Permian Basin," Jerry Morales, Mayor of Midland said.

Bringing in the spacecraft will provide more jobs and bring aerospace engineers and more companies to the oil patch.

But it also effects students.

"The kids in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade are already excited understanding that theirs a shuttle coming, there's a shuttle here," Morales said. "That we have opportunity to create space suits, that we have altitude chambers. The excitement that we're generating at that age and moving on up into our college, bringing those type of curriculum, keeping the opportunities to have those students stay right here in Midland, Texas, to get educated and find jobs in Midland, you can't beat that."

It is in phase one and only has to pass one more phase before finalizing the details to bring the Dream Chaser near our area. But Thursday was a huge step in the right direction and everyone involved is very optimistic the license will come following the first two phases.

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