Short 100+ teachers, ECISD could look to Mexico for help

Short 100+ teachers, ECISD could look to Mexico for help

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Ector County Independent School District said there is a strong possibility of filling some of openings with qualified teachers from Mexico. The district was given the chance to explore this option with the help of the Tri-City Agreement.

Raymond Chavez, Chair for the Mexico Initiative of Odessa said, "Inside the agreement, you are going to find everything they made to each other to provide for each other and part of it is education."

Right now it seems a little difficult for the Ector County Independent School District as they try to find a way to fill over 100 teacher positions.

The district said there are 32,000 students with only 1,780 teachers. To help fill those positions the district hopes to hire qualified teachers from Chihuahua with the help from the Odessa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

"We just don't have enough teachers. We have the student body but not enough teachers," said Chavez.

Keith Garinger, ECISD Chief Human Resource Officer said the district has been using long-term substitute teachers. Garinger added the subs are from the local community, don't have a contract and almost 40 of them could be hired full-time but need to pass a test.

"We like to think that we've done everything that we can to make sure there's a quality individual and quality teacher in every classroom for our students," said Garinger.

Everyone involved with this plan believed it is what's best for the most important part of ECISD… the students.

"If you are going to recruit from somewhere else, then go out there the best you can and bring them home," said Chavez.

"It's just a matter of finding those people that want to make the commitment and the time necessary to work in our school district," said Garinger.

Officials said if teachers are hired from Mexico, they won't just help with the shortage in the bilingual department but also in the math and science departments as well.

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