Former UTPB golf coach fired, arrested for trespassing

Former UTPB golf coach fired, arrested for trespassing

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - A former UTPB golf coach ended up behind bars after he was banned from the UTPB property and all sponsored events on and off campus.

Michael Banzhoff, 43, was fired from the university on September 29. He was subsequently banned from the university indefinitely.

UTPB confirms that banning a former employee is an option they have, but is not used in all cases.

The university would not go into any further detail about why the coach was fired, but says it is a personnel issue.

On October 20, Banzhoff went to the Odessa Country Club where the golf team often has practice.

A team member alerted interim coach Andrew Newman that Banzhoff was in the parking lot with another member of the golf team.

Newman said he went out side to find Banzhoff sitting in his car. Newman said he contacted Banzhoff and told him he was not supposed to be there.

Official documents reveal Banzhoff acknowledged that he knew he was not supposed to be on the property.

UTPB has a lease agreement with the club, where the school pays $9,000 to use the facility for practice and playing. The UTPB Police Department had the authority to issue a criminal trespass citation to Banzhoff at the country club because they hold sanctioned and sponsored athletic events.

We spoke to Banzhoff who said he wants to tell his side of the story but he was advised not to at this time.

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