Caught on cam: Midland man wrestles off would be robber at convenience store

Caught on cam: Midland man wrestles off would be robber at convenience store

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland police released new video of an attempted armed robbery. The video shows the customer inside the convenience store, wrestle the armed guy.

The would be robber walked into the convenience store masked and armed. Michael Cowley, the man who wrestled him off said he didn't have much time to react but thankfully his instincts kicked in.

The surveillance video shows a would be robber walk into the 7-eleven off Loop 250 and A St. in Midland.
He was wearing blue jeans, a blue hoodie and a camouflage mask covering his mouth. He walks around the store and a few minutes later a customer walks in.
That customer is Michael Cowley. At first Cowley thought the masked man was wearing a Halloween costume but soon realized that wasn't the case.
"My mind just started racing," said Cowley. "I just thought he had killed the clerk and he's coming, he's going to kill me and then he's going to go outside and kill my wife."

The clerk was hiding in the back. Cowley said the armed man demanded his wallet, Cowley told him he was going to give it to him, but changed his mind.

"If I'm going to go today, I'm going to go with a fight," said Cowley.

In the video, you can see both men holding the barrel of the firearm before hitting the floor.
They wrestled for a short amount of time before the masked man fled on foot.

Besides a few cuts and bruises, no serious injuries were reported.

Cowley said the incident was eye opening and hopes others will learn they too can stand up for themselves in situations like these.

"I've had just a ton of support from family and friends and it feels really good," said Cowley. "It's a pretty traumatic situation."

Midland police said the armed suspect is facing an aggravated assault charge. Anyone with information should call Midland Crime Stoppers at 432-694-TIPS.

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