Verk Family: 'Boyfriend called police first'

Verk Family: 'Boyfriend called police first'
Zuzu Verk Source: (Zuzu Verk Facebook)

ALPINE, TX (KWES) - Zuzu Verks parents are only trying to get by one day at a time.

"She's a vibrant person, immediately lovable," her father Glenn Verk said. "It's like somebody you swear you've met before. She loves people and connects with people. Yet she's got a lot of sass but you know people don't mind because it's all in fun. She has fun all the time."

One of the people she connected with was her boyfriend, Robert Fabian, and now suspect in her disappearance. They met in January, Zuzu insisted Robert meet the parents and friends at home during her birthday weekend in April.

"Well like most parents, no one is good enough for your son or daughter," Glenn said. "So it just kind of reverberated that feeling."

The Verks gave a detailed time line of events as they unfolded in the past nineteen days. The last time her mom heard from her was the Tuesday before she disappeared, Zuzu called her at 5 p.m. but she missed her call.

At 6, her mother, Lori, called back, but Zuzu's phone went straight to voicemail. She says Zuzu knows she better pick up or reply to her text when she uses all caps.

Still nothing.

By that Friday Lori reached out to Robert to ask if he had heard from her. That's when she heard his side of the story. Fabian said he found out she had missed a shift at Dollar General on Wednesday through a mutual friend.

"Robert said he was very surprised and I said ok this isn't good and he said "I think we should call the police," So Robert actually called the police as much good as it did that many days later," said Lori. "But when the police finally did get into the house, Zuzu wasn't there. Her dog was there, her car was there, her bike was there but Zuzu was gone."

Even with the little information released, the Verks remain hopeful their daughter will return home.

"Oh honey just hang on," Lori said. "Be strong and hang on. Because we are looking for you so hard and we will find you. I'm sorry it's taking so long but we will find you."

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