Help coming to Odessa for uninsured

Help coming to Odessa for uninsured

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Ector County residents who are uninsured may not know where to go for help, but now they have an option that is new to the city and free of charge.

Project Amistad, a group from El Paso, reached out to the Ector County Health Department and wanted to provide services and  enrollment for the Affordable Care Act to Ector County.

The Health Department director tells us they see a lot of people who are uninsured or under insured and saw the collaboration as a perfect fit.

"And our community has such a large amount of uninsured that its kind of a selfish thing for the health department," Gino Solla, director of Health Department said. "We want people to get insured so that they can find a medical home."

The Ector County Health Department itself does not provide primary care, they only provide vaccinations, exams for sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis prevention.

Solla says the number of uninsured is higher right now than before.

"I think a year and a half of downturn for the petroleum industry," Solla said. "And I think there's more and more companies cut hours, cut benefits, layoff people, individuals. There's more individuals out there without either the resources of being able to enroll in a group plan at work or the financial resource to get a  plan on their own."

The county has some of the highest rates of heart disease, stroke, lung disease and cancer in the state.

This is why Solla says having insurance is crucial so that diseases can be prevented.

Dental health and vision insurance is also being offered.

To make an appointment call (915)298-6997.

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