Youth football team trying to get over toughest loss of season

Youth football team trying to get over toughest loss of season

GREENWOOD, TX (KWES) - Eli House and Patrick Campos were great friends, they did a lot together, including playing on the same football team. After their passing, that same team and even the league it plays in, are doing everything they can to help out the parents.

The team, playing without two of its star players.

"A kid like that, you'd never catch sad," said Campos's brother, Chris Morales.

The reasoning is far beyond what any 11 or 12 year old should have to know.

"Always happy, always happy, no one knew Patrick for being mad," said Morales. "I've had the best moments with my brother."

After last weeks tragic incident that killed Eli House, 11, and Patrick Campos, 12, the family and friends were broken.

"It was really hard for me, the news was broken out to me," said Morales. "A lot of sobbing and balling up. I couldn't believe it, it's real unbelievable when you hear something like that at first."

Today, their youth football team played its first game without them, only hours after Eli's funeral. Instead of the coaches and team moms wearing horned frog, their teams mascot, apparel, they went with some new shirts honoring the kids lost.

"Yeah we got the shirts, guys got tattoos, we got decals made," said coach Stephon Freeman. "The PBYFL has come out and helped the families, more than what you could think. More than what you could ask for. Just a lot of support from the community, so it's a lot."

He said though tonight's game was for Eli and Patrick, it was also for the guys who were on the field today.

"Right now we just playing for the boys that still here so they can get past stepping out on the football field without them," said Freeman. "That's the biggest thing right now. We came out here to play for Pat and Eli but it was really for the boys. Coaches, parents, Fans of the team, just to get back out here."

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