Alpine High School bouncing back following tragedy

Alpine High School bouncing back following tragedy

ALPINE, TX (KWES) - Alpine High School is bouncing back with high spirits after tragedy struck in their school.

It's been seven weeks the shooting incident occurred.

On Friday, they held their annual senior pep rally.

Students, faculty and even senior parents came together to make this pep rally an exciting and uplifting time for the students.

"Our students and our staff and our parents, they're resilient, they're strong, they've come together. If anything, they're stronger because of our incident that happened on Sept. 8. Just moving forward, everybody has changed a little. Everybody's a lot stronger," said Becky Walten with Alpine I.S.D.

Since the shooting, Alpine I.S.D. has been overwhelmed by support from people in the community and surrounding areas.

"We're still getting phone calls and cards. Just people saying, "how can we help? What can we do? All the great items that we've received. We can't thank those individuals enough. It was just comforting, it's been amazing and we really appreciate everything they've done to help our students get through this," said Walten.

Alpine officials said safety and security is still their number one priority at all events and they will continue to support the students as best as they can.

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