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Preparations underway for Permian vs. Odessa High football game

(Source: KWES) (Source: KWES)
(Source: KWES) (Source: KWES)

Permian and Odessa High had their pep rallies this morning to get their teams pumped up to meet under the Friday night lights.

It's a way of life here in West Texas: pep rallies, the band, cheerleaders and the football team.

This season OHS is 0-8 and Permian is 4-4, but tonight title or record doesn't matter.

"It's been a tough season, we have yet to win a game, but if we win tonight it's all forgiven," one member of the Wild Bunch at Odessa High said.

This huge rivalry traces back 51 years and some may think homecoming is a time for alumni to make pep rallies, but in Odessa the pep rally for this big game is the one to attend.

"This is the game to us that we really want to be a part of. Everything is all about Permian and OHS and just to be here for Permian when its this week it just means the world," one Permian alumni said.

Usually the teams are head to head, but this year's game is up for grabs.

It's all about which team wants it more and the excitement is building until tonight's game.

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