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Restaurant Report Card: Three Midland restaurants make low performer list

Cafe Unique (Source: KWES) Cafe Unique (Source: KWES)

There were 10 top performers in Odessa for the week of Oct. 10 through Oct. 14. Quite the contrary in Midland, where three restaurants scored below Restaurant Report Card standards. 

Beginning in Midland, inspectors docked off for the following at Papa Tacho's off of Big Spring Street:  

- Open employee drinks
- Uncovered watermelon
- Uncovered container of syrup
- No thermometers in reach in freezer
- Dirty microwave oven
- Hot beans were stored in the reach-in cooler.

The inspector said in order to properly cool off beans, the restaurant should have put them in a metal container and left them uncovered in the cooler until they reached the required temperature of 41 degrees. Once that is achieved, the beans can be covered.

Papa Tacho's ended up with an 81. We reached out to the owner who said they are using this feedback to make the restaurant better. Papa Tacho's recently opened and the owner said he is eager to take advantage of this learning experience. 

Manny's Italian Village is up next. Health inspectors found: 

- There were no dates or labels on food containers
- An uncovered container of food in cooler
- A scoop inside food container
- There was no soap or towels at kitchen sink
- No thermometers in the walk-in cooler
- The health inspector also noted Manny's needs a hand wash sink in the bar area

That resulted in an 82 for Manny's. We reached out to the owner who says all thermometers are in place and soap and towels have been replenished in their washing facilities. He also said a sink has been ordered for the bar area.

Café Unique is the last restaurant on our low performer list. They were docked off after health inspectors found: 

- Open employee drinks
- No dates or labels on food containers
- Scoop inside rice container
- No soap or towels at kitchen sink
- No thermometer in the reach-in freezer

These violations resulted in an 82 for Café Unique. But despite the score, the health inspector noted Café Unique was "nice and clean." We reached out to the manager and she said everything has been corrected.

And finally, several restaurants in Midland earned a perfect score:

- Papa John’s (1901 Rankin Hwy)
- Mid Rock Café (512 W Front St.)
- La Loncheria (1605 S Main)
- Susie’s South Forty Confection (2101 W Wadley Ave.)

Odessa's top performers include: 

- Stripes (1500 S. Grant Ave.)
- Popeyes Chicken (4390 Tanglewood Ln)
- Corn Dogs Etc. (4101 E 42nd St.)
- Domino’s Elite Pizza (3111 Faudree Rd)
- Osaka Japanese Steakhouse (4020 Faudree Rd)
- 7-11 (1000 N Dixie Blvd)
- Quizno's at MCH Food Court (500 W 4th St.)
- Stars Drive-In (3836 Andrews Hwy.)
- Pizza Hut (2131 E 8th St.)
- Fat Jack’s Bakery (309 W Yukon Rd.)

Congratulations to all of our top performers this week.

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