Business suffers during Fairgrounds Rd. construction, hopeful for results

Business suffers during Fairgrounds Rd. construction, hopeful for results

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - New lanes of traffic recently opened up on Fairgrounds Road and are already helping one business who is in the middle of the construction.

The construction has affected Alldredge Gardens tremendously, but the general manager says he knows the city has good intentions and it will be better in the long run.

But still, it has caused his company and customers much trouble.

"When anyone in Midland sees a change in anything no one really like changes until some things are perfected," Justin Smith, general manager said. "And obviously we aren't perfected right now."

There has been an entrance at the intersection in front of the business, but Smith says still it causes many confusion with the cones, construction and other things on the road.

But since the opening of some parts of Fairgrounds Road he has already seen improvement.

"You can see more trucks coming in, more cars coming in," Smith said. "It's an easier flow, you know, I think it won't be long until hopefully the construction is gone and like I said I think it will be an awesome avenue to see our place and to travel."

The construction hasn't only affected the customers that go in, but Smith says they have had to deal with phone lines cut, the internet down causing credit card machines to work and having to hire more workers to drive their trucks because of the rerouting issue wasting more gas.

He says he will be glad when the construction is finished.

We are told the city of Midland is aiming to get all the lanes up, but it isn't determined how soon it will be.

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