Midland voter claims vote was changed while trying to cast straight party ticket

Midland voter claims vote was changed while trying to cast straight party ticket

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Some voters, crying foul at the polls across the state. People claim they vote a straight party ticket but their vote is switched at the end.

A Midland County voter said it happened to her Wednesday morning.

"It kind of shocked me that I walked in and automatically my vote was changed," said voter Jenny Bynum.

Bynum went to vote at the Midland County Library. Little did she know she would have issues with the voting machine while trying to make her voice heard.

"When I clicked on my choice for my vote, the machine automatically changed my vote and went to the other party," said Bynum.

Bynum was trying to vote a straight party ticket. She said she selected her party three times but each time it would switch over.

The Midland County Elections Office has received two complaints about this issue but they say it's human error.

"People are excited, they are nervous and they are not being as careful as they have been in the past," said Deborah Land, elections administrator.

Land said if you place your finger vertically while trying to select an option, you may accidentally select something you didn't mean to.

"Wherever it is that you are trying to press, your finger is spreading over more than one bar, so when you remove your finger, the last thing that you are touching is going to be what is showing up what your selection was," said Land.

The elections office recommends you make your selections with your finger placed horizontally and always go back and check everything over.

Meanwhile, Bynum hopes more people are careful while voting.

"You need to review and confirm and review before you confirm," said Bynum.

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