Former councilwoman and newcomer vying for Odessa City Council seat

Former councilwoman and newcomer vying for Odessa City Council seat

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Malcolm Hamilton and Jo Ann Davenport are both eager to fill the seat that will soon be vacant. They both express their love for district one and the passion they have to help the community.

Hamilton said he may not be as experienced as Davenport but knows what district one needs.

"We need a new voice, a new vision and a new direction, not the same old, same old. Not what we've had in our district one, they're ready for results," said Hamilton.

After we were unsuccessful reaching Davenport over the phone we stopped by her home. She did talk to us outside without the cameras rolling. She declined to interview and said the people of district one know who she is.

Davenport said she has been spending most of her time out in the community interacting with the residents. Davenport served on the Odessa City Council from 1990-1998.

In February Roger McNeil forfeited his seat, Davenport applied for the vacancy. She told us when she didn't get it then, she knew she would run to be elected.

Hamilton said he already has lots of plans for district one, he wants to increase affordable housing, work on economic and business development and bring more affordable youth sports.

When asked why voters should choose him over his opponent, Hamilton's answer was simple.

"Well if they want more of the same old things, go right ahead, vote for my opponent," said Hamilton. "But if you're ready for something brand new, something fresh, a candidate who is going to go to city council and is going to operate to reach a tangible and equal solution, then I'm the guy."

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