Explosion in Fort Stockton shakes town

Explosion in Fort Stockton shakes town

FORT STOCKTON, TX (KWES) - The explosion at a Fort Stockton hotel this morning could be felt as far as 10 miles away.

The explosion did break a window off of the smoking area gazebo and though it didn't hurt anyone, it did frighten and awaken some Fort Stockton residents.

"I just thought my brother was late for work," Fort Stockton resident Marlene Espinosa said. "It just sounded like a stomp. And then like I looked outside and I didn't see anybody there, so I was like, oh maybe somebody wrecked. But it just sounded like a crash or someone like falling, I don't know."

Marlene is one of the many residents who were wondering just what happened around 7 a.m. Tuesday morning and she lives 10 miles away. We are told a grill is what caused the explosion, as it was still attached to a propane tank.

The sheriff department says the tank somehow was loosened and begun to leak.

"When we got here we saw debris scattered all over the place," Jessie Dominguez with the sheriff department said. "What had happened was a Penske truck hauling a U-Haul trailer and that is what had exploded up in here."

A window on the hotel and the glass to the smoking area gazebo was broken and the U-Haul trailer is destroyed. One person, who was at the gas station next door at the time, says very scared at the time of the explosion.

"It's like what in the heck just went on," said resident Steve Wright. "What do we do, where do we go? Let's find out what happened first. And then the way things are now days, is it a terrorist attack or what? Are they finally coming to the great town of Fort Stockton to take care of us or what?

We reached out to the man who was renting out the U-Haul and Penske truck but he was unwilling to comment at the time.

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