Big Spring community remembers former Howard County Sheriff

Big Spring community remembers former Howard County Sheriff

Former Howard County Sheriff Aubrey Standard, also known as AN, is being remembered for his time spent on earth serving his family, country and community.

"He held the law, he believe in the law, but he wanted to make sure he respected the law and respected each other," said his daughter Audrey Ware.

Standard passed away last Sunday at the age of 87 and family and members of the community shared his stories to honor him in his memory Sunday at Gale's Bakery in Big Spring.

"Dad's legacy would be in the lives that he touched," said Ware. "There were a lot of difficult things people had in their families and he helped them through that."

Standard served in the army for a few years and later turned to law enforcement where he spent 34 years as Howard County sheriff from 1964 to 1998.

Rachel Shaffer worked with Standard at the Howard County Sheriff's Office for 20 years and said she remembers him as the respected sheriff everybody knew.

"He didn't seem to show any favorites and people out in the county and all that, he was very well liked," said Shaffer. "I think he could've been reelected as long as he wanted to run."

The honored sheriff who touched the hearts of folks in Big Spring and Howard County, his legacy continues to be cherished in the lives who knew him, who shared positivity and love to family and the community he served.

"I think dad would be pleased to see we stick together as a community and that Big Spring is making a resurgence, hopefully, and things will continue to grow and be prosperous here," said Ware. "Dad would be pleased that we're remembering the things he did in his life."

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