Medical officials urging residents to get flu shots

Medical officials urging residents to get flu shots
(Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's that time of year, flu shots are now available right now.

Medical officials are asking you not to wait to get yours even though the temperature is just starting to drop.

We spoke with a United Clinical Pharmacist about the common concern that you will end up with the flu if you get a flu shot.

"Our traditional flu shots are inactive and killed vaccines. They're not live vaccines. I'm not even giving you a vaccine with the whole flu virus, it's a piece of the flu virus. The most common misconception is you can get the flu from the flu vaccine and that is completely false. It does not give you the flu and it really doesn't hurt," said United Clinical Pharmacist, Heather Williams.

Doctors say that getting a flu shot is not a perfect defense.

Good hygiene practices are still your first line of defense.

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