Restaurant Report Card: Four Midland restaurants make low performer list

Restaurant Report Card: Four Midland restaurants make low performer list

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Several Midland restaurants had to work hard to bring their facilities up to health inspectors standards, after scoring an 85 or below. It was a good week for restaurants in Odessa during the week of October 3 through October 7, as there were no low performers. However, Midland Health Inspectors found four restaurants just weren't up to code.

Kuo's Chinese Restaurant off of Midkiff Road is up first. Health inspectors docked off for the following:

- Open employee drinks
- Food containers weren't labeled
- Uncovered container of shish kabob's in cooler
- The health inspector noted sprouts were stored in tin can
- Spoons were kept in small tin cans of food
- There were no thermometers in the reach-in cooler

That resulted in an 81 for Midland's Kuo's Chinese Restaurant. NewsWest9 reached out to the manager at Kuo's Chinese but have yet to hear back in regards to their most recent health inspection.

La Loncharia off of South Main Street is also on the low performer list this week. Health inspectors found:

- Food containers weren't labeled
- Cross-contamination of utensils
- Uncovered containers of food
- Restrooms needed soap
- Evidence of insects in the kitchen
- Evidence of mice in restroom
- Shelves in refrigerator needed to be cleaned
- Floors needed to cleaned
- Holes in the back of the restaurant that needed to be sealed
- Inaccurate information from thermometer

These violations resulted in a 77 for La Loncharia. We were unable to speak with a manager about these issues.

Fujiyama Sushi & More off of Midkiff Road was docked off for several violations that include:

- Unlabeled containers of food
- The health inspector noted uncovered containers of pig's feet bones
- Scoops inside spice bins
- No towels/soap in sinks
- No thermometers in reach-in freezer
- Microwave oven needed cleaning

Fujiyama Sushi ended up with an 82 on their inspection report. NewsWest9 reached out to the manager who said everything has been corrected.

Jack N' Jill Donuts off of Briarwood Avenue is also on our low performer list this week. They were docked off for:

- Unlabeled containers of flour
- Uncovered trays of food in reach-in cooler
- Gloves inside the spice bins
- No thermometers in reach-in freezer

That resulted in an 85 for Jack N' Jill Donuts. We reached out to Jack N' Jill Donuts but was unable to talk to a manager about the issues.

As for our high performers this week starting with Odessa:

- 5-Star Donuts (4605 Oakwood Dr.)
- 7-11 (721 W. County Rd.)
- Cowgirls Coffee (629 E. 42nd St.)
- Hangry's LLC (8201 Dorado Dr. 123)
- Panda Express (4306 JBS Parkway)
- Kent Kwik (4117 Andrews Hwy.)
- Lost Coyote Saloon (6108 Andrews Hwy.)
- 7-11 (800 N. Grandview)
- Kentucky Fried Chicken (1520 JBS Parkway)
- Chubby's Takos (3826 Andrews Hwy.)
- Subway (3828 Andrews Hwy.)
- Dickie's BBQ (2701 N. West County Rd.)
- Taqueria El Gallo de Jalisco (1919 N. County Rd.)

Over in Midland:

- House of Luna (201 W. Wall St.)
- Beef Jerky Outlet (1401 N. Loop 250)

Congratulations to all of our top performers for this week. Be sure to tune in next week for another edition of Restaurant Report Card.

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