Toys for cops asking for communities help

Toys for cops asking for communities help

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - To make a difference in a child's life, you can do so by stopping by the Midland County Sheriff's Office to drop off a toy that will go to a child right here in the community.
"There are children out there that are hurting, that have been abused, that have been neglected," Laurie Clark, Toys for Cops president said. "And we're just trying to do our part to help them."

It all started back in 2011 when Clark's son wanted to help children who were less fortunate.

He was in 9th grade when he started a classroom collection.

Since then, Toys for Cops has awarded 10,000 toys to law enforcement agencies all to comfort hurting children that officers encounter on a daily basis.

"The toys that we gave to one family of children this year that were taken from their parents, they had nothing," Clark said. "So these toys they were precious to these kids, they were the only toys that they've ever had."

They accept donations for ages 2-17 and Clark says teenagers often get overlooked.

For the older ones mittens, blankets throws or anything to keep them warm is suggested.

Clark's husband works in law enforcement and he sees these distraught children in the area every single day.

"Don't ever doubt that what y'all are doing at Toys for Cops isn't making a difference in these children's lives and he said I saw it first hand and he said I know that it's helping," Clark said.

These boxes will be picked up on December 18th, but Toys for Cops collects 365 days a year.

The drop off locations for the Toys for Cops are below:

Midland Lee High School

Early College High School in Midland

Alderson Mercedes-Benz

ClayDesta Corp Brew St. Bakery & Coffee

Chrysalis Salon and Day Spa

Midland County Libraries

Texas Roadhouse

Downtown/Centennial Branch Midland

Christian Brothers

Midland County Sheriff Office

Diamonds of Midland

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