Businesses near oil show offer alternative options to park

Businesses near oil show offer alternative options to park

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa has been a destination those attending the 2016 Permian Basin International Oil Show and as parking spaces become harder to find businesses are getting into the entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to dishing out spaces for the event.

Mike Jones, works at a car dealership on Andrews Highway, he said, "The primary reason is to make a little extra cash. Everybody needs a little money on the side."

Jones added offering spaces helps business.

"If you want to come down here and get good parking we'll keep an eye on your stuff and you can go and have fun at the convention. You can even check out our inventory," said Jones.

It not only Jones' dealership, Broker's Unlimited offering spaces, nearby restaurants are keeping up with the Jones's and offered deals to park during the length of the convention.

Angelica Follis, works at Dumplins on 42nd, she said, "The parking lot we have set up is large and here if you come and eat during the oil show parking is complementary. If you are going to the oil show and you need parking, we are right across the street."

As the oil show gets closer to ending businesses are trying for one last ditch effort to make a little more on the side. Each business believed their location is better than the next.

"It's just right across the way. If you just cross 42nd street you are right there," said Follis.

"My parking lot is better because I'm here and we're here. We're going to keep an eye on everybody," said Jones.

Prices for some of the lots ranged from $15-$20 dollars. Thursday is the final day of this year's oil show.

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