Midland woman says she was scammed by local car dealership

Midland woman says she was scammed by local car dealership

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A Midland woman claims she was scammed by a local car dealership. This all comes after she bought a car and was never given the title.

Kathy Phillips bought the car in August. She said in October she found out the bank actually owned the car and they planned to repossess it.

"It made me sick. I don't have just $3,500 to just throw in the wind," said Phillips.

Cars Plus in Midland is shut down now. There are no cars on the lot and the phone number has been disconnected.

Philips said she has tried everything to get the car put in her name.

"We don't want this to happen to our friends and neighbors in our community," said Sherry Cox, a friend.

Phillips shelled out $3,500 for the car in August. She wrote a check and left her son to sign the papers.

"It was cashed at the First National Bank of Stanton," said Phillips.

The receipt shows she paid $28 for the title but she said she never received it. Her phone calls to the owner of the dealership have gone unanswered.

It turns out, the car was used a collateral for a loan by the owner.

"There are unscrupulous people in this world that will drag you through the mud and down the street," said Cox.

A Google search of the business doesn't come up with much, but a few people have reviewed the dealership saying they also never received their title.

One person said, "This dealer never gave me my plates or title and it has been four months since I purchased the vehicle. I am trying to call the owner to his cellphone and he never answers, not even the text messages I sent him. Worst place ever to buy a car."

Another angry customer said, "Still have not got my title after four months now. They have no phone."

The Better Business Bureaus said it's important to do your research when finding a reputable car dealership and also get everything in writing.

"Pay with check or credit card, that way if something does happen, you are able to have that paper trail to go back on if you do have to seek legal action or pursue anything further if you've been wronged by a company," said Heather Massey, Regional Director of the BBB.

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