Safe Zone provides Midlanders with secure location for exchanges

Safe Zone provides Midlanders with secure location for exchanges

Whether it be a custody exchange, or purchasing something from a trading post on Facebook, you now have a safe and secure area to do so.

There hasn't necessarily been a problem with this issue in the area, but when one lieutenant got wind of the idea the Midland Police Department decided to take it and make it available to the city of Midland.

"If anybody would be a little reluctant to exchange or maybe you have a deal that's too good to be true and you wonder about the legitimacy of that item or product then you can offer this as an option and come exchange it here," Lieutenant Alfredo Grimaldo said.

Depending on how often it's used, MPD will look to expanding the small area.

Drugs and weapons are not allowed in the zone and they suggest not to exchange stolen items.

"You have to be careful that any agreement or arrangement that you make is still private party agreements," Grimaldo said. "The Midland Police Department does not take any responsibility for any exchanges that are made person to person, but we want everyone to be cautious about it. If you feel comfortable making that exchange we want you to do it here, in a safe location."
This exchange zone is right outside of the Midland Police Department's headquarters and it is monitored 24 hours a day by two extremely high quality cameras.

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