MISD Board hasn't made decision on what to cut following TRE results

MISD Board hasn't made decision on what to cut following TRE results

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - After the TRE failed to pass many teachers in Midland ISD believed they would be paying a $100 premium per month for health insurance,  but that may not be the case.

MISD Board President Rick Davis said the talk of charging an extra $100 on top of the insurance already in place is still a possibility, the price increase is not definitive. He said if they can, the board will look to avoid it but they do need to consider it.

"That will be among the things that we will consider now in adopting a new budget but no decision has been made and it is my hope that we will not need to ask MISD employees to make that contribution," said Davis.

Davis said that even with 85 percent of the districts budget tied up in personnel, people should not worry about losing their jobs.

"The folks that teach and council and feed and transport and protect our children, our students," said Davis. "It's likely that the cuts will affect personnel matters. I don't believe anyone will lose their jobs, but we need to make cuts to come up with $6.7 million worth of cuts."

The board said it's meeting to discuss the cuts later on in October and should know the extent of them by the November meeting. The was a MISD Board meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday, but that meeting was only to go over the election results and nothing else.

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