OHS student in fight video says he will press charges

OHS student in fight video says he will press charges

The video that was shared on social media, shows Jose Covarrubias, 14, getting punched by another student in a school hallway.

"As a mother, I heard those kids laugh and I hear empty hearts," said Jose's mother Elizabeth Covarrubias. "Somebody is going to get what I think they deserve for doing wrong."

ECISD told us there was more to the video and after police investigation, there was no bullying involved and that both boys were willing participants when it started. This resulted in both students suspended for a few days. but Elizabeth says Jose didn't throw any punches at the other student.

"When they told me there was more to the video, I said, 'No, I got to see it.' When my son saw I took it to another level, it was a moment where my son would've told me the truth and said, 'Yeah there's more to it, Mom.' But whenever he stuck to his story, I said, 'I'm sure my son did not pick up his hands.'"

Jose had two fractures in his jaw and was taken to Medical Center Hospital for surgery. He was released on Friday with his mouth wired shut. However, difficulty speaking isn't stopping him from doing anything.

"He made it to his sweet sixteen, he put his responsibility up on his shoulder, and he said I'm going to do it, it's not going to stop me, I'm so proud of him."

The district told us the student throwing the punch in the video is charged with assault. And the case is out of the district's hands and sent to the County Attorney. Jose will be out of school tomorrow but he said he will take legal action.

"If I would've hit back, I would've gotten in more trouble, and I wouldn't be able to press charges like I am now," said Jose.

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