An Odessa High School student recovers in the hospital after a fight

An Odessa High School student recovers in the hospital after a fight

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An Odessa High School student is suspended from school and in the hospital.

A video surfaced on social media showing the boy getting hit in the face by another student. The mother said her son shouldn't have been suspended since he was just trying to defend himself.

"I was scared," said mother Elizabeth Covarrubias. "My son was protecting himself."

It's a video no mother would want to see of her child.

Covarrubias's son, Jose, is now in the hospital with two fractures on his jaw.

"When I got there, I saw him bleeding," said Covarrubias. "He was bleeding a lot."

The video caught on social media shows a student punching Jose with others laughing in the background. He is later seen in the video walking away from the fight.

"It makes me mad," said Covarrubias. "To hear people laughing. It gets me really mad."

We spoke with Jose's girlfriend off-camera, she told us the initial fight was about an ex-boyfriend of hers, but was something that wasn't worth landing Jose in the hospital.

"I saw it, I saw how my son wasn't defending himself," said Covarrubias.

However, school administration said the ten second long video, is showing just part of what actually happened.

"The principal called to tell me, 'You know what, I looked at the video and it looked fair and square to me. The moment he took off the liner and cell phone, he was getting ready to fight.' I said, 'Well, he's getting ready to protect himself because someone is coming for him.'"

ECISD said there's more than just the social media video, which resulted in both students suspended for a few days. They told us in a statement:

Our ECISD police investigated this fight and found the two boys involved were both willing participants when it started. The student who threw the punch in the video is charged with assault and the case has been sent to the County Attorney for review.

Jose is at the Medical Center Hospital recovering from surgery, although Elizabeth wants to move him to a different school, Jose said he wants to stay at OHS.

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