Family Promise of Midland promises homestead

Family Promise of Midland promises homestead

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Since 1988, Family Promise has helped more than 700,000 people, including men, women and children with housing and other services.

Helena Medrano, a single mother of two, was tired of renting a home that was just too small to fit her families needs.

That's when she looked to Family Promise of Midland to make her next step.

Debt and credit is something many single parents like Medrano deal with on a daily basis.

Many have the luxury of relying on family until they can get on their feet but that isn't the case with Medrano and her family.

"Usually we have family to help us, that's what so wonderful about the name family promise," said Medrano. "Most people have family that they go and move in with and they help them through that and we don't. Most of our family has passed away."

Her income from Super Mercado goes straight to a savings account that isn't touched.

Family Promise provides all the necessities so that she can eventually make the next big step and purchase a home.

"It takes dedication, you do have to make sacrifices," said Medrano. "It's not for everyone, but if you really want help and you are determined to move forward in your life and better your home environment and get a better place to live, Family Promise is most definitely a wonderful program."

The transition into the program wasn't hard for the Medrano family.

She said her kids understand that this is a positive move, for a bigger goal in life.

"There just right behind me 100 percent, they're very excited about it," said Medrano.

Family Promise has helped 750 families in Midland alone that are seeking assistance for housing.

Oct. 16 - Oct. 23 is Family Promise week where they celebrate helping families and communities get to homestead.

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