Restaurant Report Card: Odessa, Midland restaurants make low performer list

Restaurant Report Card: Odessa, Midland restaurants make low performer list

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Featured in this week's Restaurant Report Card, only one Odessa restaurant scored below par,  while Midland had two. The restaurants were scored during the week of September 26.

Starting with the low performer out of Odessa, Angel Taco off of North Dixie scored an 82 on their inspection report. They were docked for the following:

- Personnel did not have food handler cards
- Owner needed to be more knowledgeable about food safety
- Barrels were not provided for grease disposal
- Cooked foods were not date-marked
- Health permits were not displayed
- Mold was found in walk-in coolers
- No paper towels in women's restroom
- Fly spray was kept in kitchen
- Flies were in kitchen

NewsWest9 reached out to the manager at Angel Taco but have yet to hear back.

Midland's Javi's Restaurant is one of two on the low performer list in Midland.

They were cited for the following:

- Food was not labeled
- Dirty towels were not properly stored
- Food in cooler was not covered
- Problems with thermometers
- Hand sink accessibility 
- Evidence of insects 
- Issues with the doors

This resulted in a score of 83.

NewsWest9 spoke with the manager at Javi's who said everything has been corrected. She said all doors have been replaced, food is labeled and all employees are trained.

KD's Bar-B-Que didn't do so well either. They were cited for several violations that include:

- Unlabeled food
- An open sack of pinto beans
- Knives were not stored properly
- No soap in hand sink 
- No thermometers on reach-in freezers

This resulted in a score of 82.

NewsWest9 reached out to a manager at KD's Bar-B-Que and said everything has been corrected. She explained KD's had thermometers outside of the freezer so they could see the inside temperature without opening the door. However, at request of the health inspector, thermometers have been put inside.

We'll end on a high note with our top performers. Those include:

- The French Press (6301 N. Dixie)
- Burger King (1920 E. 42nd)
- Permian Basin Hamburger Company (520 N. Grant)
- Long John Silvers (1418 N. County Road)
- Los Pinos Drive-Thru (1000 Golder Ave.)

For the second week in a row, Midland did not have any perfect scores on their inspection reports.

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