Citizens pushing for change with MISD school board election

Citizens pushing for change with MISD school board election

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Some Midland residents are looking for change at Midland I.S.D and they saw the perfect opportunity this election, three school board seats will soon be filled.

"We are ranked 199 out of 200 and that's not good enough for our kids and teachers," said Christine Foreman with Midland Students First.

The Midland Students First group started a few months ago when parents and concerned citizens joined together to advocate for change.

"We just want to raise awareness in the community about how important the school board's job is and get some reform-minded, strong candidates in there," said Foreman.

This election will be a big step for the Midland I.S.D. board, three out of the seven seats are up for grabs.

Incumbent James Fuller and Ernie Garcia are going head to head for the District 1 seat. Midland Students First endorsed John Kennedy over Rachel Stone for the District 4 seat. The group also endorsed Bryan Murry over Margy House for District 7.

The group believes this is the right time to make some big changes to the district.

"The biggest thing is we need to have school board members that are in touch with what educators and kids and citizens in the community need in our education system and get us on the path to moving up instead of on the path we are on right now," said Foreman.

The district is facing big setbacks this year due to a $25 million dollar deficit and the failure of the tax rate increase.

"We are disappointed by the results of the TRE, but we are committed to moving forward and I think the next best way to do that is by affecting the school board members," said Foreman.

Midland Students First will be doing a "Get out and vote" block walk on October 22 and 23 to inform voters in District 4 and District 7 about the upcoming election.

Early voting begins Monday, October 24 and ends Friday, November 4. Election day is Tuesday, November 8.

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