Residents react to officer-involved shooting in Midland

Residents react to officer-involved shooting in Midland
Kheyanev Littledog (Source: Midland County Jail).
Kheyanev Littledog (Source: Midland County Jail).

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The sound of gunshots startled residents on the 500 block of E. Industrial Ave. in Midland Monday night.

"It was just real fast just 'boom, boom, boom, boom' and it was quiet after that," said a resident, who wished not to be named.

Most say the area is usually quiet.

"Just sitting here in my living room, watching TV, waiting for the baseball game to come on and all of a sudden I heard these pops and I knew exactly what they were when they went off," said the resident. "This is really the first real incident like this we've had around here. It's a pretty peaceful neighborhood."

When police got to the scene Monday evening, they found Kheyanev Littledog, 19. Police say Littledog had a gun in his waistband and was shot by officers while he attempted to reach for it. He was taken to the hospital, but later died.

"If he threatened them then they have that right, I imagine. It's pretty nice around here that could've just been an isolated incident," said the resident.

During the investigation, police also found a second gun in Littledog's backpack.

Texas Rangers have been called in to help with a third party investigation into the shooting.

Public records show Littledog had prior offenses on his record including criminal trespassing, possession of marijuana and public intoxication with three prior convictions.

Residents who didn't want to go on camera said there are a lot of pedestrians who travel through the area to the Salvation Army, but they have never had any problems like this in the past.

The officers in the shooting, Aaron Renz, 26, and Aaron Trevino, 31 are on administrative leave pending an internal review.

Renz has been with the department for almost two years. Trevino has served the department for eight.

Midland police said they are reviewing the dashcam video, which is standard protocol. They plan on releasing the tape later on,

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