Coach Kingsbury talks about loss to Kansas State

Coach Kingsbury talks about loss to Kansas State

LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) - Texas Tech Red Raider Football Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury weighed in on Saturdays loss to Kansas State. The red raiders now drop to 3-2 overall.

"I think if you look at the areas where we lost it, giving up a interception and a defense giving them a special teams touchdown then loosing the penalty battle. That is where we lost that game. We had some yards and did some good things but on crucial areas on the road we fell short. " Said coach Kingsbury.

Kingsbury also gave his take on Quarterback Pat Mahomes performance.

"I though he did a good job, there are some plays that we would like to have back.  More so upfront communicating and picking up different things, but I thought that he hung in there. You can tell that by the end of the game , the shoulder was getting a little tired but he kept battling, he gave us a chance to win. " Said Kingsbury.

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