Possible healthcare changes for Midland I.S.D. employees after failed TRE

Possible healthcare changes for Midland I.S.D. employees after failed TRE

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It was a victory for voters who voted against the tax rate increase proposal last week, voters who were not in favor won with 63% of the vote. But for Midland I.S.D., it's back to the drawing board.

"I believe the most likely scenario we'll do next is make more budget cuts, an excess of $6 million dollars," said Board President Rick Davis.

The budget cuts are not a new idea to the district due to the decline of mineral property valuations. Davis said the other reason for the budget issue is their Robin Hood invoice that went up by $6 million.

"A combination of the two resulted in $25 million or less," he said.

He said some of the possible changes involve revisiting the district's old funding ideas.

"Among the things we looked this summer that are now back on the table is not funding 30 secondary teaching positions, not funding six elementary school positions, not funding 18 academic coaching positions."

And as for healthcare, employees could see more money out of their wallets.

"One of the things we were prepared to do over the summer was to ask the employees to contribute up to $100 a month toward the cost of their health insurance premiums."

Right now, the district pays 100% of the employees healthcare premiums, but with this cut, the district can potentially see a $3 million item.

"We really did not want to do that but we were hoping the TRE would pass and that wouldn't be necessary," said Davis.

We reached out to the MISD Benefits Department. They say they do believe insurance will likely go up but are not sure of an exact number yet.

MISD said they are not looking to take any money out of the reserve nor cut down on any after school or sports activities. It is important to keep in mind that although these are all possible changes, doesn't mean they are sure to happen. The board still needs to meet to discuss future plans following the failed TRE. They may hold a meeting sometime in November but no dates are set in stone yet.

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