Family speaks out after additional child injury charges were given to Odessa couple

Family speaks out after additional child injury charges were given to Odessa couple
David Aguilar with son

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Analiyah Gonzales, 19 and Roberto Licon Jr., 23 are facing felony charges that includes injury to a child and endangering a child after a search warrant was conducted at their home in September.

An investigation revealed the home that Gonzales and her children were staying at was poorly kept and found drugs in the home. The affidavit said Gonzales intentionally placed her twins, Jo'ziah and Samara in danger.

"I was shocked when I heard what she was being charged for," said David Aguilar, the father of the twins.

He says Gonzales never showed any signs of being abusive and when she started dating her boyfriend, everything changed.

Baby Jo'ziah Aguilar had a number of broken bones in his body and has a scar to be reminded of the incident that placed his mother in jail.

Analiyah's mother, Angela Gonzales believes she could have prevented this incident if only, she had paid attention to the signs.

"I didn't know he was abusing her until all of this happened," Angela said.

She believes her daughter was involved in an abusive relationship with Licon and said her communication between she and her daughter was limited and monitored by Licon.

"I asked her, 'Why didn't you tell me he was hitting you?' and Analiyah said because she was scared for my life," Angela Gonzales said.

Aguilar said he was aware of a violent incident between Licon and Gonzales when he had sent a text message to Gonzales.

"He had her phone and he seen the text and asked her about it," said Aguilar. "She just shrugged her shoulders. So he threw the phone against the wall and slapped her and asked her if she was dumb or what? Then she got up and said something to him, so he punched her on the arm and threw her on the couch."

Now Aguilar is doing the best that he can to play both mommy and daddy, while Gonzales is in custody.

"I mean, I get help from time to time, this is me taking care of them, doing stuff a mom and dad would do to take care of their kids," said Aguilar.

The family reached out to us today to help someone who may be going through a similar situation and they also want to bring to light the reality of domestic violence.

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