Midlanders reject proposed tax hike for Midland I.S.D.

Midlanders reject proposed tax hike for Midland I.S.D.

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland voters went to the polls Saturday and decided against the proposed tax hike for the Midland Independent School District.

Voters rejected the measure with 63% of the vote with just under nine percent of registered voters submitting their ballot.

Because of this, the district said they may have to cut $12 million from the budget, $6 million more if it had passed.

Among some of the probable changes to the budget the district said employees may have to pay around $100 per month along with open positions not getting filled.

Rick Davis, MISD Board of Trustees President said, "We were hoping the TRE would pass and we can go forward with the budget we adopted which included already $6 million in cuts even if the TRE had passed. Now that it has not passed. Now that it has not passed we'll go back and adopt a new budget and I believe we'll need to find $6.7 million more in additional cuts to make for the loss of revenues we hope we would get from this TRE passing but it did not."

Davis tells NewsWest 9 there will be no further tax rate election proposals for this school year.

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