As MISD TRE looms, here are some effects it may have pass or fail

As MISD TRE looms, here are some effects it may have pass or fail

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - On Friday, David Garcia Chief Financial Officer for the Midland Independent School District talked to NewsWest 9 about the facts on Saturday's Tax Ratification Election (TRE). If the TRE passes then they will be able to adopt the budget set in August, if it doesn't pass then possibly more cuts will be made.

If the TRE isn't passed then:

  • Cut $12 million from the budget.
  • Employees would be charged a base of $100 for health insurance.
  • Support Staff incentive of $1000 would not happen.
  • Open positions would not be filled.

If the TRE is passed along with the help of a $10-million-dollar donation from the Scharbauer Foundation then:

  • Saves district $6 million.
  • Employees won’t have to pay health insurance.
  • Support Staff keeps incentives.
  • Jobs are safe.
  • No reduction in school trips.

Garcia said the district faces this budget issue because of the recent decline in oil.

"That has been the issue for us going on the past two years, just the lack of revenues that we're generating," said Garcia.

Voters will have the chance to say yes or no to the tax rate of $1.17/100 valuation. Meaning a tax payer with a $200,000 home could see an increase of $3.88 per month or $46.50 per year. Garcia said this election is only about setting a budget.

"When 80% to 85% of your budget is in payroll, there's only one place where you can get significant dollars and that's in people," said Garcia.

Garcia added Saturday's election will only affect the budget for 2016-2017 school year and the economy will dictate what happens next.

"It just depends on the valuations for next year," said Garcia.

Here are the locations voters can go if they want to cast their ballot on the TRE:

  • Commissioner's Court room in the Courthouse Annex at 210 North A St.
  • Codgell Learning Center - 201 West Florida Ave.
  • Centennial Library - 2503 West Loop 250 North
  • Golf Course Road Church of Christ - 3500 West Golf Course Road
  • St. Paul's Methodist Church - 4501 Thomason Dr.

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