Pecos man behind clown mask speaks out after arrest, says it was handled wrong

Pecos man behind clown mask speaks out after arrest, says it was handled wrong
(Source: Reeves County Sheriff's Office)
(Source: Reeves County Sheriff's Office)

REEVES COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Three Pecos men arrested in connection to a creepy clown sighting are back home tonight. They claim they never made any threats and think the situation was handled wrong.

Ariel Salgado says he dressed up as a clown just to bring the trend to Pecos.

"I'm not mad at the police for doing their job," said Salgado. "I just think they did it kind of wrong and leaked out the story wrong."

The Reeves County Sheriff's Department said it isn't illegal to dress up as a clown but this group had a fake weapon. Officials said, fake or not, it caused panic.

Salgado said Tuesday night he and his friends were pulled over by Reeves County deputies and were questioned.

"They told us they couldn't arrest us because we weren't doing anything wrong, and if we wanted to continue being clowns that we could but we have to know the consequences of potentially being shot or being beat up, anything like that," said Salgado.

Salgado said the clown costumes, masks and the fake machete were inside the vehicle and visible. Salgado said after they were pulled over he didn't dress up as a clown again and never made any threats.

When police showed up at his home nearly 24 hours later, Salgado was confused.

"They were saying they were arresting us and issuing a warrant and all that so the public knows they're actually doing something about it," said Salgado.

Cesar Ortega, 20, Ariel Salgado, 24, and Aaron Villescas, 18, were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for breach of the peace.

Brandon Armendariz shared videos of the clown sightings on Twitter. He said he had no idea his friends were inside that costume.

"A lot of people were scared but it's because of what they hear in other towns," said Armendariz. "But here, especially now that I know who it is, they're just playing a joke. They're not trying to kill anyone or anything like that."

When asked if he was going to dress up like a clown again Salgado said, "For Halloween, maybe. Other than that, never again."

The Reeves County Sheriff's Department said they will arrest anyone who continues any involvement in the clown epidemic and advises any one to not walk around with a fake or real weapon during Halloween.

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