Parents in Andrews not pleased at latest clown threats

Parents in Andrews not pleased at latest clown threats

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - Jerry Sanchez and Heather Garza both have kids in the Andrews school system and just like most parents, they were shocked to wake up to another clown threat Thursday morning. This time aimed at their children, in their district.
"I was petrified for my kids," said Garza.

The Instagram post said a clown was in Andrews and need schools to go to kill kids and hold them hostage. 

On our social media page viewers told us some parents decided not to let their kids go to school on Thursday because of it. 

The Andrews Police Department even had extra patrols throughout the district to make sure nothing happened. Garza and Sanchez said that made made them feel a little better about sending them to school.

"Seeing the increased patrol kind of helped out," said Sanchez.

"Officers had told us they were doing a soft lock down so I knew that they would be safe," said Garza.

Both parents added if this was a joke, the joke's on whoever made the threat.

"I just hope they get what's coming to them," said Garza.

"It's pretty dumb of them to make the threat on social media because anything can be traced back to them," said Sanchez.

Andrews Police Chief Ronnie McCarver tells NewsWest 9 they have a suspect in mind and if that person is arrested he or she will be facing a felony for making terrorist threats.

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