Former Ector Co. deputy accused of sexual assaulting inmate

Former Ector Co. deputy accused of sexual assaulting inmate

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - A former Ector County Deputy is accused of sexually assaulting an inmate during a MHMR visit on Aug. 28.

Alfred "Johnny" Herrera, 54, turned himself into the sheriff's office Thursday morning.

"It's pretty devastating. You hire somebody and depend on them to do the job. It's sad," Ector County Sheriff Mark Donaldson said in response to the arrest.

Donaldson learned of the assault accusation from Texas Rangers.

A female inmate in his jail said Herrera and another deputy took her and another inmate to MHMR. Later. the other deputy had to leave to take an inmate to a funeral.

The female inmate was left alone with Herrera. That's when she said he took her to a public women's restroom and forced her to perform oral sex on him. The inmate was shackled with leg and wrist restraints.

The female inmate also said it looked like Herrera was recording the assault on his phone. Afterward, the inmate told authorities that Herrera shoved his hand in her pants.

The inmate said Herrera later talked about getting a post office box so he could deposit money into her jail account.

The inmate told her attorney, who later notified authorities.

"A joint investigation was started, interviewing inmate and other employees," said Donaldson.

Through the course of the investigation, another inmate came forward with similar accusations. She said Herrera forced her to perform oral sex on him while shackled to a hospital bed in 2015. She also said on Aug. 1, Herrera rubbed his crotch area of his pants against her face.

After the encounter, the inmate said Herrera told her he would get a P.O. box and keep in contact with her.

Donaldson said they never had any complaints of Herrera in the past. He was stripped of his credentials Thursday morning before he was taken into custody.

"I feel for the inmates, what they had to go through," said Donaldson. "We are in charge of their care, custody and control and to keep them protected. When we don't protect them from somebody. It's not good."

Donaldson said Herrera became a deputy in May 2015 and was with the department since July 2012.

Herrera was booked Thursday morning and charged with sexual assault. He is out on $50,000 bond.

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