Restaurant Report Card: Five local restaurants score below 85

Restaurant Report Card: Five local restaurants score below 85

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The week of September 19 was a busy one for health inspectors in both Midland and Odessa. We have a few restaurants to tell you about, starting with Odessa.

Health Inspectors paid a visit to Buffet King off of 42nd St. and found several violations:

- Items in the cooler were not date marked.
- Food hadn't been separated and protected
- Items in the coolers and freezers were not covered
- Scoops were not being used properly
- Eggs were not being kept in the cooler
- Sink drains had not been cleaned out
- Some employees did not have a food certification
- Records were not being kept on date-marked items in coolers
- They were asked to keep fly strips out of the kitchen
- Some items were not being kept at the required 135 degrees, so they had to be taken off of the buffet.

Those citations resulted in a 79 for Buffet King. We made multiple calls to Buffet King but was never able to speak with a manager.

Big Daddy's Catfish is also on our low performer list this week. They scored a 72 after health inspectors found 15 violations:

- Large pans were placed in cooler instead of small containers
- Items were placed in the hand sink
- Coolers did not have thermometers
- A cold unit was not working properly
- Items were not date-marked in cooler
- Pudding had been placed out at room temperature
- The health inspector noted, toxic items must be kept away from the food prep area
- Lids and straws were not on employee drinks
- Improper scoops were being used
- Items weren't covered in walk in cooler
- Employees didn't have food certification, but the manager said all employees would be certified by September 30.
- Trash was not being bagged before taken to dumpster
- Vents were not clean in the Vent-a-Hood
- They were cited for improper hot holding temperatures

We reached out to the manager at Big Daddy's Catfish and she says everything has been corrected. She said inspectors came in after a big rush which had an effect on the temperatures of their coolers.

Moving east to Midland, Grand Buffet scored an 84 on their inspection report and was cited for the following:

- Food was not labeled
- Uncovered pans of chicken and fish
- Cups were found in the flow bins
- There were no covered trash cans
- Floors, counters and sinks needed to be cleaned
- Dishwasher water was dirty
- Walk-ins needed to be cleaned

We spoke with the manager at Grand Buffet in Midland and he said they cleaned up the walk-ins and everything has been labeled and dated.

Shogun also didn't do too well. They were cited for:

- Chicken not being kept at the required 41 degrees
- Food was not labeled
- Beef was not covered in the walk-in cooler
- Towels were not properly stored
- One freezer needed cleaning

That resulted in an 84 for Shogun. We reached out to the manager who says they are working on correcting all issues. They are taking their time to make sure everything is clean.

Finally, La Bodega Restaurant is on our low performer list this week. They were cited for:

- Employees were eating in the kitchen
- Food was not labeled
- Uncovered containers of shrimp and fish
- The ice scoop was stored on top of boxes
- The walk-in cooler was not at the proper temperature

These citations resulted in an 81 for the Mexican Food restaurant. We spoke with the owner of La Bodega who says they are taking measures to make sure everything is at the proper temperatures.

Odessa has a few top performers. Those include Mr. Menudo, Toby's Lounge, Harrigan's Grill and Bar, Tacos Y Tortas Ahogadas la Valentina and Carl Miles Meats.

Unfortunately, Midland did not have any perfect scores for the week of September 19.

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