Professional clown speaks out after Midland clown sightings

Professional clown speaks out after Midland clown sightings

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - There are two confirmed clown sightings in Midland. The chief of police said it isn't illegal. Now, a local professional clown is speaking out, she said it's no laughing matter.

"It breaks my heart that people are being afraid of clowns," said Linda Greene.

Greene has been Greenie the clown for nearly 30 years in Midland. She said the sightings lately aren't real clowns, real clowns don't want to scare anyone.

"That would be like taking a doctor's coat and putting it on and saying you're a doctor," said Greene. "That doesn't make you a doctor just because you have the outfit."

Midland police said they have confirmed two sightings of someone dressed as a clown in Midland. Midland Police Department Chief Price Robinson said it has also been buzzing on social media.

"It's not illegal to go down the street as a clown or dressed up in a Halloween costume," said Robinson. "But if it's anything illegal or against the law we would like to know about it so we can go check it out."

Green said she's been asked to scare people in costume before but refused.

"I've had a few calls in my career that wanted me to come to a party and then said, 'So and so is scared of clowns and that's why we're having you.' I've immediately said, 'No, I will not come to that party!' I had one person said they would pay me double and I said, 'No, you don't have enough money.'"

Midland police said they have never seen this nationwide trend locally. They are asking the community to let them handle any encounters with the suspicious clowns.

As for Greene? She encourages people only talk to the nice clowns like Greenie, she said the masks they wear would even scare her.

"I just really wish I was rich. I would go in and buy every one of them and get them off the rack," said Greene.

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