Cash spreads across Odessa parking lot, two arrested for theft

Cash spreads across Odessa parking lot, two arrested for theft

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Two are behind bars after driving off with a dealership car and returning it a few hours later.

Around 1 p.m. Tuesday, a couple showed up at the Buick GMC in Odessa interested in taking one for a test drive.

After taking a test drive, the couple sped off in a different car, when a salesman turned to assist another customer.

We spoke with a salesman who said they had no clue as to how the couple got their hands on the keys.

OPD was immediately called in to investigate.

Then, sometime between 3:15 and 3:45 p.m., police said the woman came back, alone, to return the keys and stolen vehicle.

That's when a salesman recognized the man standing at the Stripes gas station next door.

Police initiated a foot chase, at the same time the man reached into his pockets tossing cash and bundles of drugs on the street, as he ran towards several storage units outside Home Depot.

Salesmen at Buick GMC in Odessa said they all saw money fly their way, all in $20 bills.

Both the man and woman were taken into custody.

He's now facing drug possession and vehicle theft charges. So far she's only charged with vehicle theft

Their identities have not yet been released.

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